Road to 55/5

Sustainer Drive

For a portal of 1 month and 11 days, the Black Girls’ Guide to Surviving Menopause is holding our FIRST community fundraiser!

55 Donors


Sustainability Now & Beyond!

We are in Season 5 of the podcast. 5 is a year of change and transformation. As a multi-media platform with the intent to shift the narrative and landscape of menopause, we’ve expanded our approach in how we are bringing the menopause conversation to the global majority.

This year, we’ve gone on a diasporic tour, BGG2SM Hits the Road, to visit some of the partners we’ve met and the communities they live and work in. We’ve also grown our team to support in the continued documentation of our stories. We now turn to you, our community, to help sustain the growth we’ve experienced and to continue this work mapping the menopausal multiverse. 

We are looking for 55 supporters to help sustain our work. Your monthly contribution is a commitment to support our work and our team.

We are also looking to raise $5000 via one-time contributions. Your donation is a pledge to help us continue to move forward.

Your support helps us:

Generate new content that will be shared via the podcast and our Instagram platform

Engage a video production team to create a documentary on BGG2SM and our work

Strengthen the podcast team to effectively manage various aspects of BGG2SM, including its public engagement, production/editing, marketing, fundraising/development and infrastructure

Collaborate with content creators, reproductive justice advocates, champions of sex- and body-positivity on storytelling projects through the podcast and public intergenerational events

Acquire a BGG2SM laptop and the necessary applications for all our media and production requirements

Invest in long-term COVID-safety materials such as masks, HEPA filters, and disinfectant lamps for our in-person gatherings

Thank you for your support on this journey of reclamation and re-imagination.

Our Accomplishments To Date

Thanks to your support