BGG2SM Presents: The Motherboard

People born with eggs are born with all the eggs they will ever have. Which means we have always existed.

This year’s zine is an ode to mothering. The mothering that we experience inside our families, the mothering we extend ourselves, the complexity of mothering and the healing that is possible from a place of intentionality and serendipity.  

The act of mothering is not dependent on gender, family, age or time.

We have never not existed

The iconography for this edition of the zine is trees. An interesting fact around trees and gender. Some trees can be all one gender, those trees are called dioecious. While other trees can be gendered both male and female and those are called monoecious. 

Trees can also change gender from season to season while others change once or twice during their lifetime. I am reminded that tree gender is complex and ever-evolving like mothering. 

Each tree in the zine represents a mother in my family, from my great-grandmothers to my younger sister and are organized by themes of “roots”, “complexity”, “deathless”, and “resumption”.

This zine is dedicated to

Louisa "Ma Lou"
Grandma Annie
Big Mary
Granny Irma
My Mama, Mary Ella

What's Inside

Special Thanks

My son's, Che and Taj

My mother Mary Ella Kinsey McConner Burney

My "Other Mother" Delores Sankey Eaton

My sister Georgette McConner Burney Colbert

My mentor and friend
Trude Bennett

Assata Goff

Adrienne Maree Brown

Nalo Zidan

The BGG2SM Team... Leigh Reed, Mariah M., Angel Dozier and Tarryn Henry

Our amazing zine team

Concept, Vision, Poetry, Production and Editing: Omisade Burney-Scott
Art Design: Assata Goff

Our amazing contributors

Original BGG2SM Logo Design: Wutang McDougal