Now is the time to Say More to each other - and to ourselves

Not sure how to start the conversation? These cards are for you.

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The Black Girl’s Guide to Surviving Menopause has been engaged in normalizing menopause and midlife through the power of stories and now we have the tools for you to carry on the dialogue.


When we share our stories and hold space for one another without fear or shame, we are a part of an infinitely larger network of support and social change. Now is the time to Say More to each other and ourselves.


We created Say More together to empower us all to honor our intersecting and shape-shifting identifies, learn from intergenerational wisdom, revitalize our perspective on aging, and practice compassionate self-care in times of transformation.


Say More is a collection of conversation cards and journaling prompts that empower you to deepen your relationship with people in, preparing for, or supporting loved ones through menopause and aging.

“Even if you aren't going through menopause yourself, chances are, someone close to you is or will be. In the U.S. alone, more than 1 million women reach menopause each year. Research is still very binary, and that number would be even larger if it took into account trans men, non-binary people, and gender-expansive people.”

Say More about menopause

In partnership with Kindra, Say More is a lovingly crafted collection of conversation and journaling prompt cards filled with thought-provoking questions, personal storytelling prompts, and creative ‘wild cards’ that empower you to deepen your relationships with people in, preparing for, or supporting loved ones through menopause and aging —as well as your relationship with yourself.

It seems we are ushered through every stage of life by a supportive community bringing us the resources to learn, grow and become. Except this one.

Say More Conversation & Journaling Cards

Our hope is that these cards will serve to remind us that there is strength in numbers, radical candor has the power to heal, and soulmates aren’t just lovers. We invite you to let these cards into your life with an open heart. 

Let these cards get you thinking and rethinking. Let these cards crack you open to the possibilities. But above all, let these cards bring you joy. 

“The experience of menopause is unique for everyone, and it can have both physical and psychological effects. That's all the more reason why we need to talk about it. And a compassionately designed card game feels like an accessible place to start.”

BGG2SM x Kindra Partnership

Co-designing this deck with the Kindra team was an exercise in applying my experience in social justice, utilizing dialogical tools like Paulo Freire’s Popular Education and Pedagogy of the Oppressed paired with my deep love for nature, astrology, oracle cards, and tarot.  

The Say More deck is meant to be a deeply personal discussion tool for the individual that also opens a space and opportunity for deeper connections with those walking with us during this journey. A return to the question of “who is speaking in this story?” is shared with invitation, a gentle reminder tucked inside each element. It is also a proper reader for the next generation who will follow on their own path, inviting them to share their own emergent story. 

This is a path purposefully illuminated by the Black Girl’s Guide, Kindra and so many more folks dedicated to normalizing menopause and aging for us all. Join us and Say More.

Menopause is
not a game

It’s time to own that sharing our stories is our superpower. It’s time to Say More about our uniques experiences with this shared experience